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The goals of our clients?

Loyal customers, repeat business and referrals.

Our ideal client?

The one asking,

"How can I accelerate results by truly engaging my team in the growth of this company?"

The question we address is how to get a company’s employee engagement to that next level where everyone is involved in strengthening client relationships and developing new business.

Our Clients Say…

Here's what one IT Project Manager had to say during a program designed for client-facing project managers to increase identification of opportunities:

"… the job of selling doesn’t have to conflict with our personal values. I have always thought of the business development and sales aspect of this work as being either hat-in-hand humbly asking for work from people we know, or a bit of sleazy manipulation. But this program … does a really good job showing how just improving … the decision process and how to apply [key] skills can allow you to be successful … to meet clients’ needs in a much more positive way."

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Meet Renee Lewis, Founder & CEO of The Pensare Group

Renee Head Shot

I challenge our clients to ask themselves the following:

"Are the attitudes and behaviors I see in our teams the ones we need to deliver on our strategic intentions?

How do we use all this talent in our organization to differentiate ourselves with our clients while delivering even more stellar outcomes?"

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Fresh Ideas Drive Outstanding Outcomes

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We have a BBB A+ rating!


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